The deadline to register for the MPT2 is May, 31st 2014
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eikonEMF est au FIFF!
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Futur en tous genres 2013
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Délai d'inscription pour ergon repoussé au 31 janvier 2014 (au lieu du 23 novembre 2013)
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Trois jeunes informaticiens de logusEMF primés à Berne
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Overview of the School

photo présentant une étudiante dans un corridor

The purpose of the Fribourg Technical and Art School (EMF), organised in four sections, is to provide initial, full-time vocational training courses in three fields: visual communication (eikonEMF), industrial techniques (ergonEMF) and computer science (logusEMF).

Students sign an apprenticeship contract with the school, which then becomes their learning tutor. Full-time, in-school education encourages access to further vocational studies, particularly through integrating vocational baccalaureate courses in the scolaEMF section.

Contrasting with this "school-like" aspect, courses include a professional training phase. For students, this initial professional experience, which can take the form of in-company placements and work assignments for a year, greatly facilitates their future employment prospects.